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PhD Thesis: RF/Electromagnetic Design of Multi-Functional RF Front-End Components

ABG-94645 Sujet de Thèse
21/11/2020 < 25 K€ brut annuel
University College Cork
Cork City - Irlande
PhD Thesis: RF/Electromagnetic Design of Multi-Functional RF Front-End Components
  • Electronique
  • Sciences de l’ingénieur
  • Télécommunications

Description du sujet

The Advanced RF Technologies (ART) Group at the University College Cork and Tyndall National Institute is offering multiple fully-funded PhD positions for well-qualified and highly-motivated individuals with strong interest in Microwave and Electromagnetic Design of RF Components and Antennas. The successful candidates will be involved in cutting edge research for the 5G/6G wireless and satellite communication systems. The proposed research will set the grounds for adaptive RF front-end and antenna technologies with low size, weight, and power and cost (SWAP-C), multi-functional and full-duplex capabilities. Candidates with interest and/or strong background in one or more of the listed areas are particularly encouraged to apply:

Adaptive RF filters and filter synthesis methods

Reconfigurable acoustic-wave-resonator based filters (SAW/BAW/AlN)

RF co-designed multi-functional passive and active front-end components: power amplifiers and filters, low-noise amplifiers and filters

Non-reciprocal RF components: circulators, isolators

Waveguide-based microwave and millimeter-wave RF components

Additively-manufactured (3D printed) and antenna systems

The successful candidate will become a member of a diverse and vibrant community of students, research professionals and academics and will have access to world-class RF characterization, antenna measurement and manufacturing facilities at Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland.

Key responsibilities

The PhD student will work under the supervision of Prof. Psychogiou in one of the above research areas. The successful candidate is expected to carry out independent and innovative research that will lead to high-impact publications (e.g, IEEE journals and conferences). The position will involve RF design and electromagnetic analysis of planar and 3D RF components, manufacturing and RF characterization. Progress reports, literature reviews and participation in conferences are to be expected.  

Nature du financement

Financement de l'Union européenne

Précisions sur le financement

Présentation établissement et labo d'accueil

University College Cork

The research focus of the Advanced RF Technology Group is on the design and development of adaptive RF passive components (filters, power dividers/combiners, phase shifters, matching networks) for next generation wireless communication transceivers with multi-functional and multi-standard operability as well as radar systems that intelligently adapt to dynamically-located interferers. We examine novel RF design concepts that facilitate architectures with highly-miniaturized volume, multiple levels of transfer function adaptivity and combined RF signal processing actions. Furthermore, we investigate low-cost, hybrid integration/manufacturing schemes that enable the realization of tunable RF components for frequencies as low as 10s of MHz (UHF band) to as high as 100 GHz (W-band). We give a particular emphasis on novel RF filter synthesis techniques that allow the realization of single- and multi-band high-quality factor filters (Q> 1,000) with modular transfer function in terms of center frequency, bandwidth, order/selectivity, group delay and type (Bandpass/Bandstop). We specialize on RF designs that include 3D waveguide transmission lines, acoustic-wave resonators, planar and single-/multi-layer lumped-element resonators.

Profil du candidat

Essential Criteria

First or upper second-class honors degree (or equivalent international degree) in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, physics or related relevant discipline.

The candidate must have taken classes in some or all of the following subjects: electronic circuits, electromagnetics, wave propagation, waveguide components, microwave engineering, microwave/RF design, antennas. 

Experience with one or more RF/Electromagnetic CAD design tools, e.g, ADS Keysight, CADENCE AWR, ANSYS HFSS, CST or equivalent.

The candidate must have high analytical, interpersonal and organizational skills.

The candidate must demonstrate proficiency in English alongside with good scientific writing and communication skills.

Desired Criteria

Master degree/Diploma (5-year degree) in electrical/electronic engineering with an emphasis in RF/Microwave design and or Electromagnetics

Master thesis or independent research study/thesis in areas relevant to the position

Experience with Solidworks, PDKs (MMIC or CMOS) or 3D printing

IEEE conference/journal publications

Date limite de candidature

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