Coronavirus and containment: impact on visa procedure for international researchers


Because of the current situation, the French Home Office has published a press release on the visa procedure for international researchers whose visa is no longer valid from March 16.

Extension of the visa validity

Reception of applicants for residence permits in the prefectures is suspended until further notice.

In order to secure the presence in France of legally resident foreigners, the period of validity of residence permits currently in circulation (including long-stay visas, asylum application certificates and receipts) has been extended by 3 months from this Monday, March 16.


Attestation de déplacement dérogatoire


From today noon and for at least 15 days, here is a copy of the attestation you need to fill out and keep in your pockets while outside. You can either print it or write it down on a piece of paper.


Attestation (in French)


You will find below what you need to attest:


  1. First, you decline your identity, date of birth and address.
  2. Then, you certify that you are outside doing one of the authorized mouvements (it's in multiple choice):

And you indicate the place, the date, you sign.


The minister announced that if you don't have this paper and can't justify your errand outside, there will be a fine of 38€, then up to 135€.



Additional information

French Home Office website