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PhD in Ecotoxicology

ABG-86788 Sujet de Thèse
19/07/2019 Salaire à négocier
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Recetox, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University
Brno - Tchèque, République
PhD in Ecotoxicology
  • Chimie
  • Biochimie
  • Biologie
ecotoxicology, thyroid regulation environmental pollutants, chemistry, biology

Description du sujet

We invite applications for a Ph.D. position in Ecotoxicology to work in the group of Assoc. prof. Klara Hilscherova.

Research topic
Disruption of thyroid regulation associated with adverse effects of environmental pollutants.

The main role of this position is concerned with the (i) the development and pre-validation of the battery of bioassays covering the main modes of action of EDCs affecting TH signaling (e.g. biochemical and cell culture-based assays). (ii) Characterization of the toxic potential of model compounds as well as complex environmental samples relevant to human exposure. (iii) The analysis of TH levels in biological matrices using advanced analytical methods.

Nature du financement

Contrat doctoral

Précisions sur le financement

Présentation établissement et labo d'accueil

Recetox, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University

RECETOX centre, the institute at the Masaryk University in Brno (the Czech Republic), is focused on the research and education in the area of Environment and Health. RECETOX provides expertise, access to high-quality research infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment, professional services and training to the international research community, collaborators and other partners.

RECETOX Ph.D. student position

  • 4-year Ph.D. programme with financial support for 4 years
  • Interdisciplinary scientific topics
  • Supervision by experienced mentors and excellent scientists and tailored study plan
  • Excellent and state-of-the-art research infrastructure
  • International mobility and internships
  • International and friendly environment
  • Courses developing transferable skills

Profil du candidat

Candidate shall possess MSc. or a corresponding degree from a university in Biology or Chemistry, a solid background in the respective field and good communication skills in English language.

Date limite de candidature

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