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Characterization endocrine disruptors effects on behaviour and cognitive abilities

ABG-93939 Stage master 2 / Ingénieur 6 mois 650 €
Institut Nationale de Recherche pour l'Agriculture, l'alimentation et l'Environnement
Palavas-les-flots Occitanie France
  • Biologie
  • Ecologie, environnement
behaviour, cognition, pollutants, fish

Établissement recruteur

Internship agreement will be established with INRAE and the internship will be carried out at the Ifremer Station in Palavas. 

For several years, we have been developing projects to understand how pollutants can affect fish development and what the long-term consequences are for behavioural skills, fish physiology and populations using zebrafish.


As part of a multidisciplinary ANR project, the objective of the internship will be to characterize the short- and long-term effects of early exposure to endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDC) on behavior and cognitive abilities. Selected EDCs interfere with cerebral aromatase and will include bisphenols, azoles etc.

Exposures will be performed on zebrafish embryos and larvae and several behavioural traits will then be studied in larvae and adults. In adults, the behavioural traits monitored will include the measurement of spontaneous activity, exploration, classical and spatial learning abilities, aggression and anxiety level.

The results will improve knowledge of the role of aromatase during early development in the development of later behavioural skills. In a risk assessment framework, tests carried out in the larvae will also allow to assess the predictability of these tests for long-term effects.


The candidate will have been acquired skills in ethology, physiology and/or ecotoxicology. He/she will have a taste for experimental work and have acquired the basics of working on animal models.

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