Workshop "How to design your career plan" in English on the 12th of June 2019


"How to design a career plan?" ABG - expert in PhD career evolution - offers you an opportunity to work on this issue during a thematic workshop (in English). A 4 hours workshop to think, and start elaborating a professional project of your own, in accordance with the market needs and your personal aspirations.

Registrations are open ! 

Goals and programme

Target groups

Venue and registration


goals and programme

At any stage of their career, PhDs have many choices to make in order to evolve. The career plan is therefore invaluable in guiding these choices, acting strategically and seizing opportunities while ensuring a coherent and fulfilling career path.





The workshop is a mix between theoretical inputs, discussions and individual work:


target groups

The workshop is open to the following groups:

Open to all fields.


Venue and registration tehnicalities


June, 12th 2019


CiuP, 17 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris 

>> Salle polyvalente


from 9am to 1 pm


50€ -  Payable online at the time of registration.

The fees can potentially be covered by your employer, as part of your training plan.

Same goes for Marie-Curie beneficiaries.

AttentionThe number of participants is limited to 12 participants, to enhance personal discussions.


Register online



Bérénice Kimpe - Responsable Pôle International

(+33) (0)1 42 74 45 46