Programme of “Researchers without borders”: be ready for your mobility!


Here are some highlights of our programme dedicated to your mobility in Europe. Be careful, only a few seats left!

Funding schemes

Making Europe closer to you

Focus on the Humanities

Meet companies in Europe

Programme and registration

Funding schemes and optimisation of your grant proposal

The first step for your research abroad is to ensure your funding, especially if you are employed under a local work contract. But it’s not so easy to find the right fellowship for your project. Meet directly the representatives of Europe’s main mobility and research funding bodies to ask everything you want to know: application process, selection criteria, success rate, tips to write efficient grant proposals…

Making Europe closer to you

You may think that the European Commission (EC) is a very complex administration to which you can’t have an easy access. But do you know that the EC has launched different incentives to make your mobility in Europe easier? Our event is the perfect opportunity for you to meet EC representatives and discover its programmes:

Focus on Humanities

PhD for the Humanities are not forgotten! Besides the fellowships that are open to all scientific fields, some speakers will be there specifically for you:

Meet companies in Europe

No need to go to career fairs across Europe, companies are coming to you! In two days, you will have an overview of their expectations during the recruitment process, their relation with academic partners (and how they use such projects to source candidates), the positions they offer to PhDs…

And many more opportunities to meet great speakers and develop your network in Europe!

Programme and registration

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Registrations are now closed. To follow the event on the web, please contact us at


Bérénice Kimpe (partnerships, speakers, exhibitors)
Tel. : (+33) (0)1 42 74 45 46

Maria Butzke (participants)
Tél. : (+33) (0)1 42 74 88 98

Clarisse Bouillot / Ilaria Ciravegna
Tel. : (+39) 011 670 4171/4247