About Us

Since our founding in 1980, ABG has worked to promote the career development of PhD-holders, the innovative capacities of businesses, and to capture the value of skills acquired through training in research.

By coordinating various networks of businesses, PhD-holders, and institutes of higher education and research, ABG aims to bring together professional communities that share common interests in the areas of research, development and innovation. Our services relating to recruitment, training and communication facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge. We capture the value of doctoral training and enhance the innovative capacities of businesses.

Support for PhD-holders in their career development

Before, during and after their thesis research as well as throughout their careers, we assist PhD-holders in analyzing their skills and their career objectives. Our online job search tools, help them come into contact with public and private sector recruiters in France and around the world.

Top-notch HR services for companies

Companies can take advantage of the specialty recruitment and training services that we offer, which target professionals with a research background. We assist companies at every step of the process by advising them on the wording of their job offers and helping them find and select suitable candidates.

Partnership with institutes of higher education and research

ABG is a full-fledged training design center and supports universities, engineering and business schools as well as research bodies which have their own role to play in the training and career development of future PhD-holders.

The research community is international and people with PhDs are extremely mobile. Accordingly, all of our initiatives have a marked international dimension.

ABG in 2022

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