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The Young Researcher Trophy 2012


The contest "The Young Researcher Trophy 2012" of the city of Lyon is open. You have until June 1st to apply.
To mark its interest in young researchers as creative, innovative contributors to Lyon’s influence, the city of Lyon gives four prizes of 5400 euros in the following sectors :
  • Science and Health (2 awards)
  • Humanities and Social science (2 awards)

How to enter:

  • Candidates must have done part of their studies in one of the universities, competitive-entrance higher education establishments or research laboratories in and around Lyon.
  • Candidates’ research must have been done in one of the above establishments.
  • Candidates must be individuals.
  • Candidates must be born after January 1st 1977.
  • Candidates must have finalised their thesis between April 1st 2007 and April 1st 2012.
  • Candidates can take part in the competition two consecutive years at the most.
Applications have to be send before June 1st 2012.

Service Universités et Recherche
Direction des Affaires Culturelles
Mairie de Lyon,
69205 Lyon cedex 01

 contact : Brigitte De Zan - 04 78 58 52 45 - prixjeunechercheur@mairie-lyon.fr