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Young Researcher Fellowships at CEFRES : France & Visegrad countries

A mobility support for young researchers in their second year of doctoral studies or more from France, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and whose research contributes to one of CEFRES’s research areas.


The PALLADIO - 2022 Scholarships

The Palladio Foundation supports and encourages young talents (students, PhD candidates, post-doctoral researchers, French and foreign citizens) who will create real estate and the city of tomorrow as part of its 2021 scholarship campaign. Applications are open until March 18, 2022.

Apply to the Theses program - edition 2022 launched by ADEME, French Environment and Energy Management Agency

Are you passionate about ecological transition, and interested in doing your PhD at ADEME? Then the 2022 call for applications for its Theses program might be for you (students from humanities and social sciences are welcome) !

Check out the terms and conditions of eligibility, and apply before April 5, 2022 

Contrats doctoraux handicap : campagne nationale 2022

La campagne « Doctorat Handicap » est un axe fort de la politique d'inclusion menée par le ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'Innovation, en partenariat avec les établissements d'enseignement supérieur. Elle a pour objectif de favoriser la poursuite d’études au niveau doctoral des étudiantes et étudiants en situation de handicap. Pour 2022, les candidatures sont à déposer du 30 mars au 11 mai 2022.

Interested in the adventure of launching a Deeptech startup, with the SATT Pulsalys 2021's special startup young researchers programme

Are you a young doctor, post-doc or doctoral student at the end of your thesis?  You think that your research results have the potential to become a future product/service, meeting a need in society? You are thinking about a start-up project, and consider bringing it to market?

The Young Researchers Special Startup programme may be the springboard that will help you realise your DeepTech ambition.

Apply until 15 October 2021.

Appel à candidatures pour les allocations de thèse en histoire. Ministère des Armées, édition 2021

Le ministère des Armées attribue au titre de l’année 2021 jusqu’à six allocations de thèse en histoire militaire. Le montant de l’allocation est de 10 000 euros. Ces allocations sont ouvertes à tout candidat inscrit en thèse au moment du dépôt de dossier de candidature, à l'exception des doctorants bénéficiant d'un contrat doctoral.

Candidatez jusqu'au 14 janvier 2021.

CIFRE à la Ville de Paris : des doctorant.e.s au cœur de l'action municipale

La Ville de Paris, dans le cadre du dispositif CIFRE (Conventions industrielles de formation par la recherche), accueille au sein de ses services des doctorant.e.s dont le sujet de thèse porte sur les questions prioritaires de la municipalité. Un appel à candidatures est lancé pour le recrutement d’une promotion de 10 doctorant.e.s en janvier 2021.

Déposez votre candidature avant le 10 mars 2020 !


Hubert Curien Partnerships in North Africa

The "Hubert Curien Partnerships" (PHC) researcher mobility support programmes promote scientific cooperation through the mobility of scientists involved in a bilateral research project.

Call for applications: French-German Prize for scientific collaboration Forcheur Jean-Marie Lehn 2022

The Department for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in Germany is granting an award for a French-German cooperation between two young scientists in the following fields: chemistry, health, pharmacology. The award is granted under the patronage of Pr Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, together with the French-German University as well as BASF France and Sanofi Germany.

Call for projects Tournesol 2023: Franco-Belgian program for international mobility

Tournesol 2023’s objective is to develop scientific and technological exchanges of excellence between research laboratories and public institutions in the Wallonia-Brussels region and France. The deadline for applications is March 28, 2022.



ABG Newsletters

Each month, ABG provides you with an overview of its news, as well as that of its network, through 3 newsletters:

  • "Researchers newsletter" for PhD candidates, PhDs, engineering students and Master students (FR)
  • "International newsletter" for all audiences interested in news, funding, and especially international mobility, opportunities and job offers for an international audience (EN/FR)
  • "Employers newsletter" for companies and other organisms which recruit PhDs

Read our latest newsletters and... subscribe to the newsletter of your choice .

La saison 3 du MOOC "Doctorat et poursuite de Carrière" par PhDOOC

L’association PhDOOC organise pour la 3 e année consécutive, le MOOC “Doctorat et Poursuite de Carrière” à destination des doctorants et des docteurs de toutes disciplines. Il s’agit d’une formation gratuite et en ligne qui débute le 7 novembre. Inscrivez-vous dès  à présent, les cours débutent le 7 novembre 2018 !


The Crossborder Career Workshop “PhD, what comes next?” 2021: highlights

This new online edition of the crossborder workshop was held from 8th to 10th December 2021 and brought together participants from Luxembourg, Germany, and France. Like the previous year, this year’s seminar was aimed at PhD candidates at the end of their doctoral program and young researchers on a temporary contract from all fields who wish to pursue their career in the non-academic sector.

How to prepare and maintain your network: networking events (face-to-face or online)

Networking is a powerful career booster. And one of the places to put it into practice for optimum outcomes is during networking events.

Here are a few tips on how to optimize your network approach before and after these events.

Institut Curie’s international PhD program EuReCa (Europe Research & Care)

Institut Curie is launching a third call for applications to recruit talented young researchers to build a community able to communicate, interact, build and share expertise to tackle the challenges of cancer.

Application deadline: January 20,  2022.

Call for projects by FRM - 2022

Within the framework of the "Espoirs de la recherche" programme, the Foundation for Medical Research FRM supports the best projects likely to generate significant impact in the health sector. A variety of funding schemes are available to teams, regardless of the theme and nature of their research work.

Read the details of the calls for projects in this article (there is a specific application deadline for each call).

French-Italian call for projects Vinci 2022

The French-Italian University (UFI) has launched the new Vinci Call for Proposals 2022. It is intended to support Franco-Italian university cooperation through mobility funding for master degree's students, PhD candidates, post-doctoral fellows and professors between France and Italy. Application deadline: February 18, 2022, 12:00 pm (noon).

Retour sur le webinaire ABG spécial 40 ans : "Comment les docteurs peuvent-ils remettre du sens dans le débat public ?"

Notre webinaire anniversaire s'est tenu jeudi 2 décembre en visioconférence. Nous avons passé un excellent moment et avons pris plaisir à écouter les intervenants : Jean-Luc Beylat, Gilles Babinet, Tania Louis et Marjorie Meunier, que nous  remercions chaleureusement, tant pour la qualité de leurs interventions, que pour leur hauteur de vue lors des échanges.

Sans plus tarder, le REPLAY du webinaire et quelques bonus...

Prix 2018 des jeunes chercheurs de la SFP

La Société Française de Physique a le plaisir d'annoncer l'ouverture de ses candidatures pour ses prix Jeunes Chercheurs/euses 2018 ! Deux prix de thèse généralistes (prix Saint-Gobain et Daniel Guinier) et un spécialisé en physique des Plasmas (prix René Pellat).

Date limite de candidature : 15 février 2019

Highlight of the Post-Doctoriales Seminar, organized by ABG with the support of the City of Paris

From November 16 to 18, 2021, a session of the Post-Doctoriales® was held in Paris. This seminar is dedicated to researchers on fixed-term contracts in the public sector, or searching for opportunities, regardless of their field of expertise. 

It is designed to help these young researchers initiate a personal reflection, aiming at valorizing their skills in a stimulating and realistic professional project. It also offers them the opportunity to meet professionals working outside the academic sector.

Check out the highlights of those three intense days.

Célébrez les 40 ans de l'ABG en partageant vos histoires EN VIDÉO !

Depuis 40 ans maintenant,nous oeuvrons à vos côtés à la promotion du doctorat. Aujourd'hui, à l’occasion de notre 40e anniversaire,nous avons le plaisir de vous donner la parole. Racontez nous vos histoires à traver une courte "vidéo selfie" !

À vous de jouer... ACTION !

Franco – Italian Day for Early Career Researchers

In partnership with the University of Turin and with the support of the Italo-French University, ABG is organizing the first online edition of the Franco-Italian day for early career researchers of all disciplines on October 28th, 2021. It is an opportunity for students and researchers from both countries to meet and talk with experts in the field of Franco-Italian mobility. Register now!

Highlights of the French-Italian day for early career researchers 2021

On October 28th, 2021 took palce the first online edition of the Franco-Italian day for early career researchers (from all disciplines). This event was organized by ABG, In partnership with the University of Turin, and with the support of the Italo-French University, and offered a rare opportunity for students and researchers from both countries to meet and talk with experts in the field of Franco-Italian mobility !

In this article, you can consult the porgram, watch the replay of all the sessions and get the presentation of each and every speaker.

Barrande Fellowship Program 2022

Discover the exchange mobility program "Barrande" for Ph.D. candidates between the Czech Republic and France. This program is coordinated by the French Institute in Prague and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MSMT).

The application deadline is February 4, 2022.

Appel à projets : Concours d'innovation - i-Nov. Candidatez jusqu'au 8 octobre 2019

L’appel à projets « Concours d’innovation - i-Nov » est un dispositif qui a pour vocation de sélectionner des projets d’innovation au potentiel particulièrement fort pour l’économie française. Il est ouvert aux startups, ainsi qu'aux PME.

Candidatez jusqu'au 8 octobre 2019.

Appel à projets : Concours d'innovation - i-Nov. Candidatez jusqu'au 8 octobre 2019

L’appel à projets « Concours d’innovation - i-Nov » est un dispositif qui a pour vocation de sélectionner des projets d’innovation au potentiel particulièrement fort pour l’économie française. Il est ouvert aux startups, ainsi qu'aux PME.

Candidatez jusqu'au 8 octobre 2019.

Inscrivez-vous à la présentation en visioconférence du site et des outils ABG, ainsi que de Docpro, le 9/12 à 17h30

L'ABG : Association Bernard Gregory (soutenue par le MESRI, et spécialiste de l'insertion professionnelle des PhDs depuis plus de 40 ans) organise avec l'association de doctorants de l'EDSTS une session de présentation [en visioconférence] des différents services et outils proposés par l'ABG, ainsi que du référentiel de compétences Docpro.

Inscrivez-vous dès à présent et rendez-vous le 9/12 sur Zoom, de 17h30 à 19h.

Apply for innovAtive European POstdoctoral fellowship programme of GEnopolE BIOcluster ApogeeBio

Genopole and its partners launch an ambitious funding programme that aims to foster the international attractiveness and visibility of Genopole biocluster through competitive international calls. Association Bernard Gregory will support selected young researchers in their career development. 


Students enrolled in Poland: Funding programmes for mobility to France

The French Embassy in Poland and the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs have, for many years, supported mobility in higher education by offering scholarships for talented international students. Here is a - non-exhaustive - list of possible funding.


A Franco-Australian program to support mobility of high calibre researchers, from the public and private sectors. Application deadline: December 23, 2021.

PhDs' voices Mathilde MAILLARD: activities and commitments during the PhD

In this third and final part of our interview with doctoral student Mathilde Maillard, we discuss the activities and commitments she has carried out alongside her doctoral experience, the benefits she has gained from it, before offering you her tips and advice.

participez au webinaire ABG spécial 40 ans : "Quel rôle pour les docteurs pour remettre du sens ?", le 02/12/21, à 11h

Science et société : quel rôle pour les docteurs pour remettre du sens ? C'est le titre du webinaire proposé par l'ABG pour ses 40 ans et organisé par Campus Matin le jeudi 2 décembre 2021 de 11h à 12h30. Ce webinaire anniversaire a pour objectif d’illustrer la place de la science et le rôle des docteurs dans la société.

Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant !

"Mariano Gago Springboard Award" for bilateral research cooperation - Portugal 2022.

The "Mariano Gago Springboard Award" for bilateral cooperation in research is intended to build on existing cooperation between France and Portugal. In 2022, the prizes awarded by the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) will cover all scientific fields.

Hands-on guide on how to pitch for a network interview

Pitches should not be improvised on the spot. The best pitchers may lead you to believe that the speaker is improvising. But in fact, that's not the case— Pitching allows you to get back to basics, avoiding the pitfall of over-exploitation (which often stifles comprehension).

Here's a method and a few tips to help you introduce yourself - and inspire others to find out more about you!

PhDs' voices: doctoral mobility to the UK following Brexit

Mathilde Maillard takes a look back at her experience of mobility to the United Kingdom, during her third year of doctoral studies. A stay of 4 months during which she was hosted by the laboratory CASC (Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics) of Imperial College London.

Euraxess France National Days 2021

Euraxess France National Days took place on October 11 and 12 in Strasbourg. More than 40 Euraxess centers met to advance the practices of welcoming and supporting the mobility of foreign researchers in France.

Collaborate with ABG for your European project

ABG has been increasingly active at the European level and is recognized as "Euraxess Career Development Center" since 2017. It is a partner in several European projects (COFUND, ITN/Doctoral Networks, Interreg, Erasmus, etc.). Discover our actions in favor of the recruitment and career development of researchers and associate ABG to your projects.

Highlights of the PhDTalent Career Fair 2019

The PhDTalent Career Fair was held on October 18th, 2019 at the Centquatre in Paris. ABG was there, and walks you through the highlights of this must-attend event dedicated to PhDs and to their employment.



France-Berkeley Fund

Established in 1993 by the University of California (UC) at Berkeley and the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development, this programme promotes scholarly exchange and research cooperation between the UC and research centers and higher education public institutions in France.

Inscrivez-vous aux Rendez-vous de l'emploi 2019

L'édition 2019 des Rendez-vous de l’emploi organisée par le ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'Innovation et avec la participation de l'ABG, aura lieu le 18 avril 2019, à Paris.


Recruteurs et candidats (de Bac + 3 à Bac + 5), inscrivez-vous gratuitement dès à présent !

France-Stanford Programs

The France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies has for goal to bridge the disciplines of humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, business and law, addressing historical and contemporary issues of significance for France and the United States from a broad range of perspectives.

Chateaubriand Fellowships

The Chateaubriand Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Health for doctoral students aims to initiate or reinforce collaborations, partnerships or joint projects between French and American research teams.

The winner list of ABG Professional Pitch Contest 2021

The ABG Professional Pitch Contest finale #CPP21 was held at the PhDTalent Career Fair 2021. The contest saw 10 PhD candidates and PhD holders competing for the best pitch in only 2 minutes, with a jury of 4 executives and business leaders.

Discover the list of winners of this edition, as well as the videos of the winners' pitches!