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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The answers to all your questions... or almost!


Open an account

In the top banner, click on “login”

Then on “new user”, and fill the form.


I haven’t received the email to change my password

Please check first your spam box, then contact us at abg@abg.asso.fr


Change my password

Login to your account

In your personal space choose in the tab “My information” "Update".

At the bottom of the page click on "Change my password".


Submit an offer

To post a job offer, create an account on the site, choose to post a job offer in your personal space, then follow the steps to post the offer.

The diffusion costs 100 euros (excl. VAT)T for 2 months of publication. All options and price are available on this page:



Modify an offer

- login to your account

- click on the offer tracking table (in the blue tab “Recruitment”)

- You will then see the summary of your offer and on the right a small pencil icon, you click on "Modify".

- You can make your change and save the page (it is not necessary to go to the end of the publication)


Stopping the publication of an offer

To stop the diffusion of an offer, you have to connect to your account.

In your personal space, in the blue tab "Recruitment", click on "Offer tracking table".

You will then see the summary of your offer, with a "Stop publication" button on the right.

The offer will then be offline, but will remain available as an archive in your space as well as the attached applications.


Pay with an order form

Choose to post a job offer in your personal space, then follow the steps to post the offer.

At step 4 for payment, you choose at the end "other means of payment", you will then have the possibility to download a proforma invoice which contains all the information necessary for your accounting department to establish the purchase order.

Your offer will be waiting for payment. We will put it on line as soon as we receive the order form.


Find my invoice

Log in to your personal space.

In the tab "My information" choose "Bills review". It can be edited in pdf using the "option" button.


Accept / Refuse applications

Login to your account

In your personal space, choose in the recruitment tab "Offer tracking table".

You will then see a summary of your offer currently online:

Then you can click on the number of applications

You will then see the list of applications. You can tick the applications you wish to refuse or contact and tick "send an email".

You will then have an editable message that you can modify as you wish, then "validate".

Candidates will then receive the message.


Applying for an offer

To apply directly online, create an account if you don't have one yet, and log in.

Then, go to the offer you are interested in and click on "apply" at the bottom. You will then be able to apply for the offer.


Has my application been sent?

When you apply for an offer you should receive a confirmation email, if not, after checking your spam, contact us at abg@abg.asso.fr.


Deactivate an email alert

You need to log in to your account.

In the personal space in the blue job tab, click on "My alerts".

You will then be able to modify or delete one or more alerts.


If you didn't find the answer, contact us:
by email: abg@abg.asso.fr

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