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Collaborate with ABG for your European project

ABG has been increasingly active at the European level and is recognized as "Euraxess Career Development Center" since 2017. It is a partner in several European projects (COFUND, ITN/Doctoral Networks, Interreg, Erasmus, etc.). Discover our actions in favor of the recruitment and career development of researchers and associate ABG to your projects. The call for projects MSCA Cofund and Doctoral Networks are respectively open until September 26th and November 27th, 2024.


Collaborate with ABG on your european projet

What we offer

They have collaborated with us


Collaborate with ABG on Your European Project

Are you leading a European project as part of a doctoral or postdoctoral program, or are you considering resubmitting a project soon? ABG can support you as an associated partner or contributor to an ongoing project.


Since 2017, ABG has been accredited as an « Euraxess Career Development Center » by the European Commission. We participate in various types of European projects that serve researchers, leveraging our expertise in the following areas:

  • Doctoral training
  • Career development
  • International & intersectoral mobility

We offer support in the training and development of your doctoral and postdoctoral researchers on topics such as:

  • Exploring non-academic career opportunities;
  • Training your PIs / supervisors in team management and researcher supervision;
  • Equipping researchers of all levels with skills for the intercultural integration of new international recruits

[We also provide assistance with project communication and offer advice on the recruitment process.]

Discover our complete training catalog

The MSCA [Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions] calls for proposals are now open, including:

Consult the 2024-2025 calendar for more details


What We Offer

Please Note >> during the evaluation of MSCA-type projects, particular attention is given to:

- the international scope of recruitment

- the synergies planned with the Euraxess network

- consideration of the career progression of recruited researchers and the proposed training plan for this purpose

That’s why we offer a range of services that meet the requirements and constraints of both evaluators and project leaders.

Specifically, our services include:

  • Publishing the call for applications aimed at international researchers on the ABG website and exporting these offers to partner sites, including Euraxess Jobs;
  • Communication actions through various web channels (newsletters, social media) and the distribution of print materials at numerous events;
  • Customized training [offered in English] for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, covering a wide range of topics: career development, the job market for PhDs, marketing research experience and skills, international mobility, applications and recruitment processes, networking and social media…
  • Training for the PIs / supervisors of doctoral researchers recruited under the European program
  • Support for researchers' partners [at least at a Master’s level], focusing on career development and job search—a crucial aspect for young researchers when choosing their host institution

They Have Collaborated with Us and Share Their Experiences...

Since 2020, ABG has engaged in approximately thirty collaborations (currently, we are a partner in over 16 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) funded projects). We have implemented a variety of actions within several types of European projects, in partnership with numerous collaborators. Who better to speak about these partnerships than the project leaders themselves?

Here, we present a selection of these collaborations, detailing ABG's contributions to each.


The EuReCa Cofund Project, led by the Institut Curie for its doctoral researchers // FRANCE
[Actions carried out for multiple cohorts]

  • A comprehensive communication package, including an annual article launching the call for applications, as well as a series of dissemination actions on social media, in our monthly newsletters, and on partner websites;

  • A training day for doctoral researchers on skills valorization and storytelling;

  • Training dedicated to PIs / doctoral supervision;

  • A career day titled "What Career After a PhD?for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers [featuring a conference, practical workshops, and a roundtable discussion on career alternatives for PhDs].

The Pearl Cofund project, led by I-Site Lille for its doctoral researchers // FRANCE
[Action carried out for 2 cohorts]

The ApogeeBio Cofund project, led by Genopole for its postdoctoral researchers // FRANCE
[Ongoing actions for 3 cohorts]

  • Participation in the selection committee for applications [including recruitment interviews and questions about career prospects];

  • A comprehensive communication package, including a launch article for the call for applications, and a series of dissemination actions on social media, in our monthly newsletters, and on partner websites;

  • Extensive job offer distribution on our job site, within the Euraxess network, on partner sites, and across our social media channels;

  • A half-day training session "Career Development Day", focused on exploring the job market, discovering non-academic opportunities in Europe, and developing a career plan

The Windmill DN, led by Aalborg University for its doctoral researchers // DANEMARK
[Action carried out for 2 cohorts]

  • Career development training sessions;

  • Individual interviews and follow-up with PhD candidates

        Testimonial from the Project Leaders 

The UpToParis Cofund project, led by l'ESPCI for its doctoral researchers // FRANCE
[Action carried out for 3 cohorts]

  • Career development support (training on non-academic career topics);
  • An assessment center day;
  • A pitch competition in front of a professional jury (representatives from the project's partner companies)



Still have doubts?

Explore key insights from the experience of MSCA fellows and other stakeholders involved in the program in the ABG article "Highlights of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) 2024 Conference in Mons, Belgium."



Are you currently carrying out a European project for doctoral training or for a postdoctoral program? Are you planning to submit a project soon? We are here to assist you on all questions concerning the recruitment and the career development of your future fellows. Feel free to contact us !

Contact : Dr Kristina BERKUT kristina.berkut@abg.asso.fr  +33 6 83 99 69 96

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