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Ils ont participé à des projets européens et témoignent...

Vous hésitez peut-être encore à vous lancer dans l'aventure des projets européens. Voici quelques retours d'expériences de partenaires académiques et d'entreprises sur des Actions Marie Sklodowska Curie (MSCA).

Ils ont choisi de travailler avec l'ABG pour leurs projets MSCA

"ABG is a privileged partner of ESPCI in its international doctoral program H2020 COFUND UPtoPARIS, for which ESPCI is coordinator. ABG has been with us since the project was written and is implementing a training programme focused on the career development of our 30 PhD candidates who have been selected to be part of this programme. The training program in English set up with ABG gives these doctoral candidates the tools they need to continue their careers, both in the academic and private sectors. The quality support, the experience of the trainers and the network of ABG are highly appreciated by the doctoral candidate as well as by ESPCI who wish to continue this partnership beyond this project.”
Lucie Ebran, Head of EU grants office at ESPCI


Retour d'expérience d'entreprises participant à des projets européens

Why Nokia Bell Labs chose to participate in MSCA programmes
“Machine Learning has proved itself as one of the most promising data analysis techniques in recent years. The progress made in this area during the last decade has proved valuable in fields such as machine vision and robotics. Numerous other industries are pursuing efforts to assess the value that Machine Learning can also bring to their field.
As a leader in wireless communications, Nokia has also heavily increased its research efforts in the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to this industry, which is of strategic importance going forward.
The European ITN Windmill project offered a unique opportunity to steer the future development of AI/ML for wireless communications, to exchange with other European leaders in this field, to secure funding that reinforces Nokia's own research efforts and to recruit the best and brightest PhD students for this purpose.”
Alvaro Valcarce, PhD, Research engineer at Nokia Bell Labs