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Support for young researchers coming back to France

Wojciech Lewandowski - webmaster

In 2013, the French Neuroscience Society will support young researchers willing to come back to work in France. The grant is 1500 Euros maximum each with the purpose of helping researchers to find a permanent position in France. Deadline: January 31, 2013
The eligible candidate must :
  • be a member of the French Neuroscience Society
  • be enrolled in 2013 in a post-doctoral work placement abroad
  • show that he/she has organized appointments with laboratories in France (at least two). During the visits, the candidate is expected to present his/her work and make contacts in order to prepare a professional career in France.
  • attend the 11th meeting of the Society, which will take place in Lyon, in May 2013,
  • not have received this support before.
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