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European conference of Bologna Experts : Employability and professional integration

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The French Agency for Europe, Education and Training and the French team of Bologna Process Experts are organising a European conference at Sèvres, France, on 16 and 17 May, on the theme of «the professional integration and employability of students in higher education».
The conference will offer a broad forum for discussion and debate and will explore the central aspects of current and future changes to the employment situation, via talks, a round-table discussion and accounts of practical experience in France and Europe. Participants will have the opportunity to examine in greater depth the distinct notions of employability and professional integration. The international nature of the occasion will enable them to compare and contrast the different approaches and experiments encountered across Europe.

The conference is primarily intended for those involved in professional integration in higher education institutions and companies: Vice-Presidents with responsibility for professional integration and liaison with companies, directors of career guidance units and job-finding services, Student Vice-Presidents, Human Resource Managers, Campus Managers in companies, etc.

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