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DocPro: a brand new tool to connect doctorate holders and companies

Wojciech Lewandowski - Community manager

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What is it about?

DocPro is an online platform that helps PhDs to highlight their professional and personal skills in front of employers. It may be used by PhDs from all scientific fields, from STEM to Humanities, and from all countries. The tool is available in French and English.

DocPro was developed by the Association Bernard Gregory (ABG), the French Conference of University Presidents (CPU) and the French Business Confederation (MEDEF).

The aim was to have companies, doctorate holders and doctoral programmes managers share the same understanding of the skills a doctorate develops.

Once upon a time…Docpro

More and more doctorate holders find their way into the economic sector and companies, which are now the most significant employers of researchers. According to different reports and surveys published in France (Report on scientific employment 2014), USA (Careers of scientists report published by NCSES 2014) and Germany (Career development of PhDs HIS 2012), over 60% of researchers are working outside academia.

Big companies as well innovative SMEs acknowledge the innovation skill of doctorate holders: they can think out of the box and take into account at the same time the inherent risks. However, some employers are still reluctant to recruit such profiles: “which value can he or she add to my business?”, “will he or she understand the challenges?”, “can he or she be part of my team?”…

Who can use DocPro?

3 target groups:
  • doctorate holders can pinpoint the skills they developed during their doctorate and increase their communication efficiency towards employers, especially by giving appropriate examples from their own experience.
  • companies can present the kind of profiles they are looking for and increase their attractiveness
  • heads of doctoral programmes can identify the needs for skills development and adapt their training offers for their own doctoral candidates

Access to DocPro

To create your profile online, go on www.mydocpro.org and open a personal account. It’s free of charge.

ABG is a French non-profit organization. Our missions are :
  • To facilitate the transition of PhDs (whatever their field and seniority) from academia to the private sector;
  • To help companies recruit PhDs.

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