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Career workshop for PhD students from the Greater Region | Metz, June 17 – 19 2015

Bérénice Kimpe

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Build your own career rocket !

You were told to keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. Join us and make this piece of advice possible! You can plan your own career by following your desires and staying in touch with the job market reality at the same time.
You may think: easier said than done… True, so take some time to reflect on how you can build your career rocket to catch your stars:
  • first stage – know yourself: values, motivations and choices, skills
  • second stage – proactively identify the job opportunities in France, Germany and Luxembourg: advertised and unadvertised job market, networking and testimonials
  • third stage – construct an effective job application for the selected countries: CV, cover letter and job interview

Ready to take off?
Register online before June the 1st 2015.

Contact: M. Marc Dalaut
Mail: Marc.Dalaut@univ-lorraine.fr
Tel.: (+33) (0)3 54 50 40 00

More about the workshop


During the 3-day workshop in English, the participants will be given information, methods and practical tips to set and reach their professional goals. Some hands-on training sessions will also be organized to help the participants to put the methodological input into practice, as an incentive to pursue the individual reflection afterwards.
The workshop also includes a networking event with doctorate holders working outside of academia.


Set and implement a career strategy:
  • gain knowledge on opportunities after a PhD in the Greater Region
  • identifiy the main drivers, values and skills you have developed to date and your unique selling points
  • develop your professional network more effectively
  • market yourself more effectively on your CV and application forms
  • understand employer requirements
  • become aware of the cross-cultural issues in a professional environment

The workshop is organized by the University of Lorraine (www.univ-lorraine.fr), with the help of ABG (www.intelliagence.fr) and the Franco-German University (www.dfh-ufa.org). It is funded by the University of the Greater Region (www.uni-gr.eu).

Who can participate?

PhD students from:

  • the partner universities (Lorraine, Saarbrücken, Kaiserslautern, Trier, Luxembourg, Liège)
  • all disciplines

Registration process

  • registration deadline: June 1st 2015
  • a CV and a cover letter will be requested


Participation fees: 50 €

Following expenses are covered:
  • travel costs (train tickets in 2nd class or car)
  • accommodation for participants who are not living in Lorraine
  • lunches

Car sharing to travel to Metz is strongly encouraged!
  • are you a car user? Please inform us asap about the number of available seats in your car by filling the following chart: http://goo.gl/ZQfqrG
You may be directly contacted by passengers willing to take a drive with you!
  • are you looking for a transportation option? Please inform us asap by filling the following chart: http://goo.gl/ZQfqrG
Please contact directly the drivers to check their availabilities.

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  • To facilitate the transition of PhDs (whatever their field and seniority) from academia to the private sector;
  • To help companies recruit PhDs.

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