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ABG’s offers

The ABG website exclusively posts job offers that target candidates holding a PhD (except for practice PhDs), thesis topic proposals for holders of a Masters’ or an engineering degree and research internship for Master's students.
Who do ABG offers target?
There are three types of offers posted on the ABG website:

Job offers targeting candidates who have a PhD from any discipline, regardless of their level of experience.

Thesis topic proposals aimed at those who hold a Masters or an engineering degree and who wish to undertake a PhD. All projects posted on the ABG website have specific funding.

Research internship for Master's students.

N.B.: ABG does not publish offers in the fields of human and veterinary medicine, pharmacy and dentistry (practice PhDs).

Who posts offers?
  • Employers from the public and private sectors in France and abroad.
  • Laboratories and research centers in higher education institutions and research organizations.
  • Companies wishing to benefit from graduate students’ skills on an ad hoc basis.
How to respond to the offers
To access application procedures you must open an account and request the “My Offers (candidate)” service. This service will also allow you to save your research criteria, select offers, and so on.

How to post your offers
To post your offers on the ABG website you must open an account and request the “My Offers (recruiter)” service.