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ABG's new website

Martine Pretceille, University Professor, Director of Association Bernard Gregory (ABG)

Yes, this is the ABG website! It has changed to keep pace with developments in the academic and business worlds. Our objectives remain the same, but our work methods and means of collaborating with our partners and all those involved in PhD training now utilise web 2.0 and web services technology, which help us to better meet the following goals:
  • Facilitate the exchange of information by sharing databases, information and communication tools.
  • Promote collaborative work.
  • Share accomplishments in the framework of developing partnerships.
  • Have a synoptic vision of actions carried out.
  • Increase visibility and efficiency.
In order to achieve these goals the following aspects have been developed:
  • Automation of procedures,
  • A general tracking system,
  • Registration and identification of all users.

In addition to the graphics and general ergonomics of the website, new features have been added and numerous improvements made. You can find out more by clicking on the area that interests you:
In a few months’ time you will be able to access new services:
  • documentary resources
  • social networks.

Please note: not all services are operating on this platform yet. Training services and the alumni network will be accessible for the months to come on the former ABG website: http://old.abg.asso.fr

The two websites are linked and consistent with each other, so no information will be lost, on the contrary it will be enriched.

This website is still a beta version. It is liable to be enriched by many new features and improvements the coming months. Please don’t hesitate to share your comments and suggestions with us.