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Association Bernard Gregory, the French-German University the French-Italian University have been awarded a Horizon 2020 funding

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Within the Science with and for Science (SWAFS) programme of H2020, a call for projects was dedicated to the organization of an event on researchers’ mobility and career development in Europe (SWAFS 20-2016).

Because their joint expertise relies on both aspects, Association Bernard Gregory (ABG), the French-German University (FGU) and the French-Italian University (FIU) built a consortium and applied together in August 2016.

The call for projects H2020

Among the 10 project proposals submitted to the European Commission - for a 660.000 € total budget - 8 have been positively evaluated according to the criteria of :

  • excellence ;
  • impact ;
  • quality of implementation.
The winners include the project submitted by ABG, FGU and FIU, called “Researchers without borders” (#EU4PHD). That’s the only project coordinated by France[1]  and the only consortium made out of crossborder partners.

>> Check all the funded projects


Goals of the project

The project, shaped in a 2-day event organized in Paris on the 11th and 12th of December 2017, aims at guiding early-stage researchers (Master’s students, PhD candidates and doctorate holders) in the implementation of their mobility project and at promoting opportunities in the European Research Area (ERA).
A nice opportunity to gather researchers, companies and research institutes, mobility funding bodies and career advisors from different European countries!


Focus on international mobility

Participants can deepen their knowledge on European research landscapes and mobility schemes through a series of :

  • plenary sessions ;
  • practical workshops ;
  • individual counselling sessions ;
  • fair exhibitors.
A specific focus will be made on the recruitment processes occurring in both academic and industrial sectors, for a selection of European countries.


Mobile researchers are facing many other challenges like pensions, dual careers and return mobility. Those topics will be addressed through testimonials and European initiatives meeting the challenges. A new opportunity to discover the practice of our European neighbours and to demonstrate once more that the European area is a real space for exchange and mixed cultures, that can inspire countries.


[1] For this statistic, the country from which the coordinator is originated is taken into account.

A propos d'ABG :

Fondée en 1980, l'Association Bernard Gregory :
  • favorise le rapprochement entre les mondes économique et académique,
  • facilite la mobilité professionnelle des docteurs,
  • accompagne les entreprises dans le recrutement des docteurs,
  • vient en appui des établissements d’enseignement supérieur.
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