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IFP PhD openings

René-Luc Bénichou

The Institut Français du Pétrole offers 60 PhD openings in 2009. Applications run to March 31st 2009.

There is something peculiar about PhDs at the Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP): the diploma is not granted by the institute itself but by universitiesand other accredited institutions, within the framework of doctoral schools.

All PhD students join the "IFP/ENSPM doctoral college" though, which provide them with many opportunies of complementary training in the field of oil sciences and technologies and for a better knowledge of the world of business. This cursus is aknowledged by a specific degree.

Furthermore, the Alumni association is a precious network when come the time of preparing what must come after the PhD. It is to notice that most of the students follow a Cifre agreement.

All the thesis subjects are available online.