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Posting your CV to ABG’s CV library makes you visible to French and international recruiters seeking candidates with research training, from the Master’s to the PhD level  and beyond.

A dedicated CV library

If you already have a PhD or are enrolled in a doctoral or Master’s degree program, ABG’s CV library is reserved for you. This selectivity is its strong point: recruiters use this resource to find candidates like you.

Post your CV quickly and simply

Our CV Library allows you to simply post your existing CV in pdf format or even simply post a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Keeping CVs current

Recruiters like ABG’s CV library because they know it will give them current CVs. You will receive a prompt to update your CV every 4 months. If you fail to do so, it will be deleted from the library.

CVs in two languages

You have the opportunity to post two language versions of your CV simultaneously (in French and in English). Not all recruiters are French-speaking and positions often involve international mobility. Keep this in mind!

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