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The Biopark Charleroi Brussels South

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

In 2013, this biotechnology excellence cluster got four new public-private partnerships (PPP).

The Biopark Charleroi Brussels South located within Gosselies Aéropole, not far from Charleroi-Brussels South Airport, is an university campus as well as a technological and industrial campus. It
incorporates technological platforms, businesses, bodies for the promotion of research, and a biotechnology training centre, as well as two universities, the Université de Mons and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). 

Among the nine new projects approved in 2013, teams and researchers at the ULB helped to get four private- public partnerships (PPP). Backed by the Region of Wallonia, the PPPs involve a 2-year privileged partnership between university research teams and industrial partners with the aim of promoting the development and exploitation of scientific innovations.

The four new PPPs are the following:
  • EMULVAC and SAPOVAC: two projects conducted by a research group of the Institute for Medical Immunology (IMM) – Medecine Faculty, focused on studying and understanding how vaccine adjuvants function.
  • TREGCD70: a project led by a team of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine (IBMM), in the continuation of CIBLES, the excellence programme completed in December 2012, which goal was to identify and validate innovative treatment strategies and targets, concentrating on pathologies related to chronic inflammation and the nervous system.
  • OSCIRC: a study realized by the Department of Rheumatology and Physical Medicine of Erasme Hospital in collaboration with Bone Therapeutics  -  a ULB spin-off created in 2006, specialized in using cell therapy to treat joint and bone disease - focusing on circulating osteoblasts, bone precursors found in the blood.

For more information on these partnerships, please visit the Biopark's website.