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The ABG CV Library has a new look, upload (or update) your CV!

The ABG CV Library has a new look and features. It now offers you a simplified user experience! This change is an opportunity :

  • for us to remind you of the importance of this tool and to guide you in its use;
  • for you to take advantage of our advice to update your CV and to post it!

The ABG CV Library: what's new? 

Why publish your CV in the CV Database?

Tips and best practices to make your CV visible and effective in the eyes of recruiters  

Practical information and contacts

The ABG CV library: what's new?

The ABG CV Library has changed: we are pleased to offer you a simplified and more aesthetic interface. You now have the possibility to :

  • create a CV Library profile, in French and in English, with a minimum of information ;
  • and then attach a pdf of your CV

To do this, you need tocreate an account on our site (it is free and it takes just a few clicks).

A few figures

  • By publishing your CV in the ABG CV Library, you will be visible to 29,000 French and foreign recruiters who are looking for candidates with a research training, from masters to doctorate and beyond.
  • Your CV must be updated every 5 months.
  • About 580 profiles are permanently visible on the site.
  • Each profile is consulted an average of 30 times.

Why publish your CV in the CV Library?

The principle of the CV Library

The CV databases are a valuable sourcing (profile identification) tool for recruiters as they allow them to find profiles corresponding to their needs. The search is usually done by keywords via a search engine that offers a wide range of sorting criteria (such as the type of working contract the candidate looks for, expertise or title, the level of experience...).

On the candidate side, a job search requires both time and organization. Whatever the strategy you choose (applications via job boards or company web sites...), or your situation (already working, between two jobs...), the ABG CV library can be of precious help.

In concrete terms, the CV Library is a database that groups together the CVs of candidates and constitutes a "pool of candidates", made available to recruiters "on the hunt", in other words in search of talents.

What are the advantages?

  • The CV Library is a very practical tool. It allows you to be visible, with a minimum of effort, by publishing your CV in these spaces consulted by recruiters.
  • Posting a resume opens the possibility of being contacted by one or more recruiters at any time. For recruiters, a CV database search can accelerate a recruitment in a dazzling way.
  • To make the most of our CV Library, it is recommended to publish a general version of your CV. This goes against the usual requirement to tailor each CV to a specific position. However your CV should be focused on the type of position you are targeting and highlight significant experience and key skills.

Data protection

Within the framework of the GDPR, the personal data collected within the framework of our CV library are only processed within the strict framework of ABG's missions. No data is transmitted or sold to third parties.
No personal information is collected without your knowledge and you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete your data, and the right to oppose their use.
Without any action on your part, the CV is made non-visible after 5 months and deleted after 5 years.

I upload my CV in the ABG CV library

Tips and best practices to make your CV visible and effective in the eyes of recruiters

To guide you in optimizing your CV, and to achieve optimal visibility in our CV Library, we offer you an article that compiles some tips and best practices in this area.

 Tips and good practices CV & CV Library          I upload my CV

Practical information and contacts

For any additional information, question, or if you encounter a difficulty, please contact Véronique DUPONT [Communication Manager, in charge of the platform] :