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Guide To Postdoc Abroad

René-Luc Bénichou

The French Biologist Network publishes the first 'Guide To Postdoc Abroad In The Life Sciences' with the support of ABG.

The guide's purpose is to give some professional and personal ideas and hints on how to arrange one's departure and stay abroad, and how to be well prepared to come back. It is based on the experience of postdocs who left and tried their luck outside France's frontiers, as well as on testimonies and exchanges on the Biologist Network's discussion board.

The guide is intended for those who are completing a PhD in France in the field of life sciences and consider carrying out postdoctoral research overseas, and also for postdocs who are currently abroad.

Downloadable for free from the Biologist Network's website, the guide received support from the Association Bernard Gregory, the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in Washington, Inserm, CNRS and the Biology Department of the Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble 1).