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These French scientists and academics settled in Ireland

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

A statistical survey conducted by the French Embassy in Dublin.

In order to increase the education level and encourage innovation, Ireland invests strongly in academic research and higher education institutions, and supports technology companies (specially in biotechnology and information technology) .
Among its key objectives : to be attractive for the best foreign scientists and academics. For example, they were 3000 french in 2007.

So, the statistical survey conducted among French community, between March and June 2007 by the Office for Science of the French Embassy in Ireland had for main targets:
- better know the presence of this community,
- identify in which institutions french people work and what kind of jobs they have,
- assess return prospects. 

68% of those who answered the questionnaire have at least a master, engineer or doctorate level and are mainly positioned in the areas of Science & Technology of Information & Communication, Life Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.
Among the reasons given for a mobility in Ireland, we find the acquisition of an experience abroad. 

It is noteworthy that most of these people did not receive special mobility support. Nevertheless, some got mobility fellowships from the European community for example, research contract funding including the IRCSET (read also our article published in October 2006), mobility aids within companies or International Volunteer contracts (read also our article published in July 2007.

Furthermore, they are 79% to find easy or very easy, to look for a job in the clover country. 
Also interesting : 56% of french respondents consider a long-term stay in this country.