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Evelyne Jardin

The Akzo Nobel website.

Among the leading Dutch companies that invest the most in R&D is Akzo Nobel. This MNC specialized in coatings, chemicals and healthcare is about to divest itself of the healthcare branch by creating a new company, Organon Biosciences. Destined to become independent from Akzo Nobel, this concern will head Nobilon and Diosynth for human health activities, and Intervet for those focusing on animal health. At Organon Biosciences, additional R&D is slated to focus on developing an animal and human vaccine against avian flu.
The Dutch group also plans to restructure its chemical activities. R&D positions in this field are listed under the “career opportunities” heading on the Akzo Nobel website. NB: “D” profiles seem to be more sought after than “R” profiles.