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Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

PhDs tell their experiences and their career choices on Vitae, the portal for UK researchers.

The career stories portal of Vitae (see our article published in september 2008), aims to demonstrate how the story tellers have applied their doctoral training in a wide range of personal and professional contexts.

In the section "Career stories / What do researchers do? ", you can check out a collection of 40 career profiles which provides insights into the paths that doctoral graduates take.
Testimonies are classified by discipline: Arts & humanities ; Biological sciences ; Biomedical sciences ; Physical sciences ; Social sciences.

Furthermore, Vitae in collaboration with icould, a web free resource, is undertaking a pilot project to produce around 20 films of the career stories of people with a research background, currently working within and outside High Education.
These videos will be available next Autumn, but you can already see a demonstration