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Franco-Finnish Association for Scientific and Technical Research

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

Since 1973, AFFRST has cultivated research exchanges in several fields (medicine, biotech, nuclear energy, agriculture, forestry, oceanography, and information science).

The objectives of the Franco-Finnish Association for Scientific and Technical Research (AFFRST), are:

- the allocation of grants to franco-finnish projects ; lecturers exchange and postdoctoral studies, study trips related to research work,

- the organization of study and mission trips for industry representatives and researchers from both countries,

- the organization of conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, etc.,

- the publication of scientific work.

In the section of the AFFRST website "Bourses de Recherche” (Research Scholarships), you can find all the information you need to apply for a trip or a research grant.
Grants are awarded twice a year.
The deadline is March 15 and October 31.
The involvement of  the association is generally limited to a maximum of  € 2000 (2007).

The information on the website is available in French and Finnish.