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E. Jardin & C. Schoch

Rosalie Maurisse lived in San Francisco for three years. Frenetically.

I did not leave with the idea of publishing an article as lead author in Nature. More than anything I wanted to discover another culture and new work methods. I wasn't disappointed for a minute. In California, everything is possible and everything moves faster, for those who make an effort.

I was able to get involved in networks: Biodocs International of course, but also the French Economic Mission with which I organized events. Besides, I was member of a French postdoc association that organized business plan contests and took part in starting companies.

I also took classes at the University of Berkeley on project management, starting a company, etc. it was during a Franco-American meeting at Berkeley that I ran into the former director of the Medicen competitive cluster. We talked, I sent in my resume in June, and in September 2006 I was hired. In addition to my scientific qualifications, my extra-scientific activities and further education in addition to my doctorate helped to tip the scales in my getting hired.
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