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Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

The Belgian Portal for Research and Innovation.

Research.be is a portal website developed by the STIS (Scientific and Technical Information Service of the Belgian Science Policy Department). It provides its visitors with a gateway to the main web sites (European and Belgian federal sites, but also main sites of the Regions and Communities) dedicated to Belgian Research and Development activities and Innovation (RDI), whether they be conducted in Belgium or in the frame of a European/international cooperation. 

Research.be is intended for a large public ranging from people taking part in the research and innovation system like policy makers, scientific community or enterprises to users as teachers, or students.

If you are looking for a job or funding (scholarships, and so on.), please go directly to the "Research & Innovation" section which provides you with a list of links to the main sites.
To help you in your search, you also have at your disposal a wealth of information about, for example, the thematic priorities in the various research areas (education, aerospace, and so on.) or about research teams and projects. Also interesting, the access to scientific databases and bibliographies, and the list of specialized search engines (life sciences, European sources of funding, and so on).

In short, this portal is a real investigation tool which will allow you to access to virtually all key institutions in R & D, as well as to an effective volume of information. Attention to the "cognitive drowning”, though...