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Belgian Science Policy

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

A pioneer administration representing nearly 30% of the overall Belgian public budget in the research field.

The Belgian Federal Science Policy Office was known before the Copernic reform of Belgium's federal administration in 1999, as the 'Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs' (OSTC). 

It aims, for example, to :

- form a permanent expert capability in the universities and research centres to serve the Federal Authority in the scientific and technical fields, 

- provide support to the ten Federal Scientific Institutions, placed under its supervision, as well as to the SIST (Scientific and Technical Information Service) and to Belnet (belgian research network). 

On the website ,  we advise you to check out especially, the "Jobs" opportunities of the various organizations supported by the Department.
Also interesting, "research and return grants" (however slightly poor) and "calls for proposals" (european calls & projects) sections.

Furthermore, you can download in pdf format, "Science Connection", a free popular science magazine.