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The Walloon competitiveness clusters

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

A new cluster dedicated to green technologies in the future?

In order to enhance the attractiveness of the region and to develop employment via increased economic activity and a strengthening of synergies between stakeholders (companies, universities, research centres…), the Walloon Region has selected 5 priority fields each one corresponding to a competitiveness cluster:
- Aeronautics and space industry: Skywin 
- Agro-industry: Wagralim
- Mechanical Engineering: Mecatech
- Health: Biowin
- Transport and logistics: Logistics in Wallonia 

Following the regional elections in June, the future Walloon government will initiate a "Marshall Plan II, Green" and a sixth competitiveness cluster dedicated to new environmental technologies with an emphasis on teaching and training. 
This would represent 75,000 new green jobs in Wallonia by 2015.
In the meantime, on the Competitiveness clusters website, you can visit the websites of the current clusters and perhaps find an opportunity of training and / or employment.