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Postdoctoral Research Positions at CNRS

René-Luc Bénichou

The French National Centre for Scientific Research offers more than 200 postdoctoral positions in all fields. Mobility is compulsory. Deadline for application: March 30, 2008.

These postdoctoral research contracts enable young researchers either from France or abroad to move from the laboratory where they did their PhDs, to acquire additional high-level research experience and thus to prepare for recruitment into a company or a laboratory. The campaign also gives young French PhDs having spent time abroad the opportunity to return to France under good working conditions, so as to increase their chances of obtaining permanent positions.

The contracts are for one or two years non renewable. The monthly pay is €2,500 gross.

All relevant information about the campaign is available on the CNRS' website. The list of job openings may be updated until late February and it is advisable to check it on a regular basis. Three positions are reserved for disable scientists. The deadline for application is March 30, 2008.