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Mobility Centres

René-Luc Benichou

The Association Bernard Gregory is one of the three 'bridgeheads' of the French network of mobility centres for researchers.

The Association Bernard Gregory is one of the 'bridgeheads' in charge of coordinating and operating the national network of researchers' mobility centres in France. It shares the mission with the Kastler Foundation and the Conference of University Presidents.

About twenty centres in France

The French network, which comprises about twenty mobility centres, is part of the Euraxess network, which gathers about 200 mobility centres for researchers in Europe.

Mobility centres provide foreign visiting scientists with information and assistance for preparing and enjoying their stays (administrative requirements, housing, schooling, language courses…).

ABG's role: job assistance for young visiting scientists

In addition to its role of bridgehead, the ABG's purpose within the French network is to help young foreign scientists and their husbands or wives (provided they have a PhD) to find jobs in France. For instance, it works in close cooperation with the Guest Researchers Office of the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, which appointed an ABG correspondent.