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ScienceCareers explains France to foreign researchers

Fabrice Martin

According to ScienceCareers, the careers component of Science magazine, France is still a prized destination for researchers from all over the world. Required that you are aware of its academic system's mysteries and of its administration's traps.

To facilitate the mobility of researchers who would be interested in spending a bit of their career in France, ScienceCareers has put together:

- A description of the French academic system and of its main entry points: Finding Your Way Around the French System.

- A Troubleshooting Guide to Landing in France, with the input of the Fondation Nationale Alfred Kastler, specialized in these matters.

- A review of the main funding opportunities for American and Canadian researchers wishing to go to France: Funding to Be an American (Scientist) in Paris et Canadians in France - Funding Programs

-And, last but not least, several testimonies of young European and American researchers working in France : Experiencing France and Vin, Pain, et Science

A survey which should be of interest even to French researchers.