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Inaugural Global Summit on Merit Review...

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

Heads of research councils from about 50 countries including France, released a statement of merit review principles and established a Global Research Council.

The Global Summit on Merit Review held in May 2012, hosted by the National Science Foundation (NSF), resulted in two significant decisions.

The first one is the publication of a statement of merit review, approved unanimously by the attending countries and aiming at facilitating international collaboration and improving the quality standards of global scientific output.
Furthermore, this statement is not intended for the sole use of research funding agencies and can be adopted by universities, research centers, as well as by the authorities which enact standards.

The second decision relates to the establishment of an informal organization named Global Research Council (GRC). This Council aims to be proactive in the global science policy and to enhance international cooperation, particularly to address major problems which may not be performed by a single country like global warming or water and energy supply.

The GRC should schedule an annual plenary meeting, and publish a report on the subject of work defined for the year. The first meeting will be held in Berlin in 2013 and will be co-chaired by Prof. Matthias Kleiner (President of the DFG - German Research Foundation) and Glaucius Oliva (Director of CNPq, National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, main Brazilian research agency).