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Destination diplôme

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

A thematic report published by the Franco-Dutch Network for Higher Education and Research showing the dilemmas faced by both countries with respect to the failure of studies in the Higher Education (occupational integration...) and presenting some of the proposed solutions to address them.

The Franco Dutch Network / Frans-Nerlandse Academie (FRNL) aims at stimulating cooperation between the Netherlands and France in the field of education and research.

Among its activities: organization of annual meetings and publication of bilingual reports (Dutch, French) on topical issues.

The fifth and last publication (Cahier N°5), is entitled "Destination Diplôme", theme of the 10th Meeting of the network that took place in 2011 at the Dutch College of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.
You will find in this document, the debates surrounding this issue, its history and its recent developments in France as well as in the Netherlands. Thus, a chapter is devoted to the transition from Degree to employment.
In the Netherlands, for example, representatives of the company world, higher education and research have produced a joint manifesto about the relationship between training and occupational integration and argue for closer collaboration between company world and educational institutions.
In France, the creation of one's own job or the entrepreneurship, would be an excellent occupational integration way. For example, a specific status now allows Higher Education institutions to host companies of students: the young academic enterprise.

Furthermore, the next publication will focus on the theme of the last meetings - the evaluation of teaching and research - which took place in May 2012 in La Rochelle.
In 2013, this event which topic will be the challenges of the Franco-Dutch cooperation, will be held in Utrecht (Netherlands).