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Haidian Science Park

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

A model for innovation in the north of Beijing

Founded in 1988 and known as the chinese Silicon Valley, the Haidian Science Park HSP,  is the biggest one among the multi-park and multi-base Zhongguancun Science Park (Z-PARK).

The HSP hosts prestigious institutions such as Tsinghua University  and 219 research institutes, including the Chinese Academy of Science.
There are over 40 R&D centers set up by MNCs, namely: IBM, Microsoft, Ericsson, NEC, Panasonic, Bell Labs, Samsung, P&G, Novozymes, and Norte, etc.
In 2008, the hi-tech industry in HSP generated 490 billion yuan in business revenues, 50 percent of total of all industries in the park.

Furthermore, the HSP has also supported the 2009 second mission of the France-China Coopol Programme (see also our article about this programme).

The Haidian Science Park: a model of innovation and a source of jobs for foreign researchers?