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Chinese universities...

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

By fostering cultural exchange, China is attracting more and more foreign students including French, in its universities.

In 2009, among 60,000 European and American students who are pressed on the benches of Chinese Universities, 2,500 were French.

Based on the criterion of scientific excellence, China has undertaken in recent years a policy of financial support which represents for the year 2010, 20,000 scholarships offered to foreign students, twice more than in 2007.
The average amount of these scholarships was for the school year 2009, of 1700 RMB (180 €) per month with free accommodation on the campus and other benefits.
For comparison, the average monthly income of a Chinese citizen in urban areas, amounts to 1 431.25 RMB (150 €).

In the framework of the Sino-French cooperation and the bilateral agreement between both countries, more and more French students are attracted by Chinese experience and demand for Chinese classes is increasing in French universities.
Beyond studying the language, and going to study in China, it would appear from students’ testimonials, that the departure reason would be more to study and better understand this country that increases its role and its place in international relations.
If in 2009, no Chinese university was included in the top 200 ranking of the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), published annually by the University of Communication in Shanghai and monopolized by American and European universities, this may change in the next years. 

Source: People's Daily Online (French version of the website)