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University degree holders in Québec in 2006

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

A study released by the Institut de la statistique du Québec on September 17, 2009

From the study "Les titulaires d’un grade universitaire au Québec : ce qu’en disent les données du recensement 2006" (University degree holders in Québec : what say the 2006 Census data), published by the Institut de la statistique of Québec, one of the key findings is the growing disparity between men and women by age (25-64 year old population), territory and type of employment.

Furthermore, it is interesting to emphasize that immigrants reprent 21.2% of the Québec population of 25-64 years olds with a university degree.
They alone accounted for 38.8% of the increase in university degree holders in Québec between 2001 and 2006.

You can download this report in pdf format, from the Institute’s website.