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"PhD craze? in the private sector?

Catherine Bouget, translated by Cynthia Schoch

According to the first report issued by the Observatoire de l’emploi Scientifique, nearly 105,000 researchers were employed the private sector in France in 2004. That’s 20% more than in 2000.

According to the February 2007 report put out by the Observatoire de l’emploi Scientifique, an agency under the French Higher Education and Research Ministry, the number of private sector researchers increased in 2004 by 20% since the year 2000. This agency notes a rise in demand from certain industries: the fields of radio, television, communication equipment and automobile manufacturing as well as computer services account for this considerable increase.

A little niche for PhDs
An engineering degree remains the reference in the industrial sector, and over half of the researchers have one. Only 8% have a doctorate, and 4% hold both degrees.

Moreover, the percentage of women among researchers in the corporate world hasn’t budged since the year 2000, remaining at a constant 20%. Women scientists, where are you?

Source: Observatoire de l'emploi scientifique, "Etat des lieux de l'emploi scientifique en France", report issued by the French Higher Education and Research Ministry in February 2007.