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The Minalogic competitive cluster

Evelyne Jardin, translation by Cynthia Schoch

The Minalogic competitive cluster (MIcro- NAnotechnologies et LOgiciel Grenoble-Isère Compétitivité) relies on a fabric of 25,000 jobs in the field of micro- and nano-technology (including 3,000 researchers) and 18,000 jobs in the software business (including 1,800 researchers).

This global competitive cluster established in Grenoble aims to secure technological leadership in the area of micro- and nano-technology and chip-embedded software as well as to develop intelligent solutions vastly differentiated by their level of miniaturization, embedded software and connectivity for fields of application such as energy efficiency, mobility, health, the image chain, etc.

In early 2007, Minalogic had 78 partners: 48 companies including 33 SME, 10 research and university institutes, 14 local government agencies, and 6 economic development organizations.

In 2006, Minalogic certified 30 projects with a total R&D budget of around 1.12 billion €. Three projects were backed by the Agency for Industrial Innovation (AII) for the sum of 192 M€, seven by the Fonds de compétitivité des entreprises (FCE) and local government agencies for a total of 37.2 M€. 63 M€ worth of projects were also submitted to the ANR (national research agency).

The dynamism of the cluster was confirmed in 2007 with 14 new projects filed for a total of 118 M€.