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Present your thesis in the ?Le Mensuel de l'Université? (University Monthly)

Fabrice Martin, translation by Synthia Schoch

“Le Mensuel de l’Université” (University Monthly), an interuniversity and multidisciplinary medium, offers young PhDs the opportunity to present their theses to the public at large.

You’ve just defended your thesis?

If publication has been authorized by your committee, "Le Mensuel de l’Université" (University Monthly) gives you the opportunity to disseminate your research and explain to the public as well as other researchers the contributions your thesis makes. The article should be brief, and is published on the magazine’s website. It can be a good way of promoting your research and getting publicity for your doctoral school.

To present your research, register online under the “Participer" (participate) section of their website or write to redaction@lemensuel.net. The editorial board will then contact you and give you instructions for preparing your article.