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Hypotheses.org research notebooks

Laurent Cousin

This website offers an original spotlight on research by making available to Human and Social Science researchers blogs where they can explain the progress made in their studies.

Hypothèses is a research notebook publishing platform. This novel initiative enables Human and Social Science researchers to report frequently on the progress of their work over a blog.

Field-logs for archeological digs, scientific diaries on a specific theme, logbooks on a team research project, field notebooks, etc. The postings are varied. The blog format enables researchers go give a regular account of their breakthroughs, collect reactions via reader comments, etc. It is a link not only with their peers but also with a broader public.

This project was developed by the French Center for Open Electronic Publishing (Centre pour l’édition électronique ouverte - CLEO), a research unit co-managed by the CNRS, the EHESS, the University of Provence and the University of Avignon, which maintains the Revues.org portal.

Researchers, teaching researchers and engineers in the Human and Social Science who wish to create their notebook can register on the Hypothèse website.