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Dr Evelyne Jardin Editor-in-chief, Docteurs&Co Blog author and moderator

Docteurs&Co started a blog last November.  What does it offer?
1/ Testimonials published in Docteurs&Co, grouped together by theme or scientific discipline under the heading "what can you do with that chemistry PhD?" "... geography PhD?", etc.
2/ Tips on companies that might be recruiting, identified through our job market monitoring;
3/ And every month, you can take part in chats.
Here is what you may have already missed.

1/ What can you do with a XYZ PhD?
The aim is to give you ideas about the possible opportunities outside of academic circles.
  • Unbelievable, but she did it: a geography PhD has become head of quality control at PSA http://docteursetcompagnie.blogspot.com/2008/10/docteurs-en-gographie.html
  • Chemistry also leads to business careers http://docteursetcompagnie.blogspot.com/2008/10/quont-fait-ces-docteurs-en-chimie.html
  • One can be a biology PhD and human resources consultant http://docteursetcompagnie.blogspot.com/2009/01/quels-mtiers-avec-un-doctorat-en.html
2/ The product of our job market monitoring
We regularly keep an eye on the job market for PhDs and what's happening in the business world.  These two promising companies recently came to our attention:
  • Energy sector: Energeos (renewable energy, northern France), Tereos (biofuels, northern France), S'Tile (solar power, western France), Usec (nuclear power, USA), Urenco (nuclear power, UK)
  • Biotechnology sector: AstraZeneca (UK), Amgen (also the PARIs, Amgen prize for Research and Innovation), Genentech (its website has a list of scientists and a postdoc program) and Celgene (USA)
  • Photonics sector: Optivent (western France), LLTech (northern France), Laster Technologie (greater Paris area), Zalix (greater Paris area)
3/ Blog sessions for PhD employment
Each month, chat sessions are held with experts.  These are the "blog sessions for PhD employment."  How does it work?  You are invited to post questions or comments on a given theme in the "comment" section.  You can post anonymously or, if you have a Gmail account, have your name appear as the comment header. 
  • In November 2008, J.-P. Hermann, former recruiter with Renault, gave job interview advice http://docteursetcompagnie.blogspot.com/2008/10/brillez-en-entretien.html
  • In January 2009, M.-C. Parent, human resources manager at Saint-Gobain Recherche, presented the R&D department and the types of PhD profiles this French group is looking for http://docteursetcompagnie.blogspot.com/2008/11/lentreprise-et-ses-docteurs-phd.html
In March, the science department team at the French Institute of Taipei will present Franco-Taiwanese scientific and technological cooperation programs. 

I hope you'll exclaim, "That's great" and that you say to yourself "Egad! How can I stay informed without reading through the blog regularly?"  Answer: in the left-hand column under "le coin des fidèles," you can subscribe to the blog and receive news and updates at your own e-mail address.  More seasoned net surfers can opt for subscribing to the blog and receive RSS flows of news and comments on their favorite aggregator.