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Docs&Co, guides for young PhDs and recruiters

Fabrice Martin

Help recruiters to better understand the added value of hiring a young PhD in the private sector, doing justice to their multiple talents and help them find a job: that is the aim of the new Docs&Co series of guides inaugurated by Association Bernard Grégory in conjunction with Editions Eyrolles.

The first volume, "Recruiting PhDs to Stimulate Your Company" by Bruno Carrias, targets actors in the private sector. What professional qualities do PhDs possess? How can you unearth the best profiles? How to integrate them successfully into the company? The author, former representative of the Fédération Syntec (French Engineering, Consulting and Software Services Trade Association), reiterates that "our economic performance and our capacity for innovation would benefit from a much stronger presence of PhDs in the corporate world.” The value of PhDs is recognized in companies the world over except too often in France.

"Career Plan and Doctorate, A Winning Duo," byFrançois Baty-Sorel and Frédérique Deloffre-Vye, is the second volume in the series. It is more specifically targeted to PhDs and future PhDs, aiming to help them integrate their doctorate in a solid career plan that will enable them to make their entrance onto the job market with assurance.