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The blog: Ask questions about the NCT

Laurent Cousin

Specialists answer your questions about this course that enables PhD candidates to enhance their skills.

Throughout the month of September on the Docteurs&Co blog, Evelyne Jardin invites you to ask questions about the "New Chapter in the Thesis" (NCT), a skill enhancement program for PhD candidates in their final year of study, to help them promote their abilities.

A mentor specialized in Human Resources who helps doctoral students better promote their skills after finishing their degree, and a local organizer (the one who coordinates your doctoral school’s curriculum) will answer bloggers’ questions.

And if you don’t know about this course, read the following articles:

Who has done an NCT?
Sabine Cornudet gives a few statistics on this course offered by Association Bernard Gregory.

What do PhDs think?
10 strong points of this skill enhancement tool by those who have tested it.

An NCT to change course
Before entering  the Lyonnaise des Eaux, Séverine Jacquet did an NCT in her last year of study when she was far away from mainland France, in New Caledonia, to carry out her research in a lagoon in the South Pacific.