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PhD students: how do you do research over the Internet?

Laurent Cousin

ABES has put a questionnaire on line to better understand PhD student practices as regards doing research over the Internet. Survey results will be used in designing a reference website for PhD students: the thesis portal.

To increase the national and international visibility of French doctoral theses, the French Higher Education Ministry has entrusted ABES, the Agence Bibliographique de l'Enseignement Supérieur, with designing a “thesis portal.” As an entry point federating access to completed and defended theses, this website will offer a bouquet of information ranging from choice of thesis topic to dissemination of research. It will link to services offered by organizations involved in PhD research in France. The Association Bernard Gregory is of course a partner in this project.

To better understand the practices of the potential users of the “thesis portal,” ABES has drawn up an online survey questionnaire made up of about thirty questions, only about a dozen of which (marked with an asterisk) are mandatory.

You can respond to the survey until May 31, 2010. All answers will remain confidential.