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Consultation on the Common Strategic Framework for European Union Research and Innovation funding


In order to better prepare its budget after 2013, the European Commission has launched wide spread consultation under the ‘Common Strategic Framework for the European Union’s Research and Innovation funding’ or the CSFRI.’

A green paper to incite debate

The key objectives are explicited in a ‘Green Paper’ published on the 9th of February 2011. The evaluation of the different research and innovation funding systems in Europe has highlighted numerous errors such as excessive bureaucracy, lack of transparency, complexity and the absence of methods that take into consideration research and innovation in its totality. For its future budget, the commission wishes to bring together within a Common Strategic Framework all the systems that touch on Research and Innovation. It seeks to bring out the following improvements to all its programmes :
- Clarify the objectives
- Reduce complexity
- Increase the value added and the mobilising effect by avoiding the duplication of jobs and fragmentation
- Simplify and enlarge programme participation
- Increase the impact of the EU’s aid on competivity as well as on society

In order to come up with solutions to the numerous issues raised by this green paper, the commission wishes to collect the opinion of all organisations and individuals concerned by these issues. Should you wish to participate in this consultation, you only have to respond to a questionnaire online, submit an official response or participate in the blog and during the events set up by the commission.

Contributions are expected before the 20th of May 2011 and when received, they are frequently updated online.