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European Career Fair - ECF

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

An annual event for the recruitment of candidates from the best American universities by the most renowned European employers

The 14th European Career Fair (ECF) will take place from January 29 to February 1, 2010 on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (MA).

Supported by the European Commission and the main European employers, this Fair is the largest event of its kind.
At the last edition in 2009, the ECF attracted applicants living in the United States, of various nationalities : about 30% of Americans, the same number of Europeans and 40% of the rest of the world. Also interesting, 27 % of them had a PhD. 
In terms of participation of employers, if their number steadily increased between 2003-2008, it decreased in 2009, probably due to the financial crisis.

If you are candidate, have until December 5, 2009 to submit your resume online on the ECF’s website.
Thus employers - who can register until December 18, 2009 - can pre-select candidates for interviews prior to the fair.